40th National Winds Down

As we head into the final day of the 40th National, we have to start with the appearance of the only unanimously elected MLB Hall of Famer, Mariano Rivera. Mo’s appearance was a great success as fans flocked to meet the Legend. All the other  great athletes signing today were well received but Mo’s appearance was something special.

Dealers continued to be amazed at the size of the crowds heading into the Donald E Stephens Convention Center. Sales were reported as brisk and many dealers proclaimed the show “their best ever.”  As we head into the final day, there is still a solid list of autograph signers appearing.  Slated to sign are Hall of Famers Alan Trammell, Barry Larkin, Vlad Guerrero, Paul Molito and more.

Organizers announced that all booth space for the 2020 National in Atlantic City had beed sold out at the Booth Selection Lottery held August 2-3 at the Convention.

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